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    It’s never good news finding out your toilet is blocked – especially if you’re expecting company or already have visitors accompanying you.
    At the same time, seeking help for a blocked toilet is never simple or straight forward. This is especially true if you are trying to unblock your toilet without a plunger and is a situation many people find themselves in during an important event.

    Thankfully, when you have the right information (such as what’s written below), unblocking your toilet becomes just that little bit easier. However, if you understandably don’t want to take this route, then it is best to call Torino’s Plumbing team to handle the messy situation. We will assist you with any blockages both day and night.

    Why is my toilet blocked?

    If you are left wondering why your toilet is blocked in the first place, This could be caused by many contributing factors. That’s why it’s best to get a professional’s opinion to diagnose what’s the cause of the issue.

    Common causes of blocked toilets include:

    • Flushing of unapproved flushable items (Toys, Paper Towel, Towels, Hand wipes, anything does not dilute in water)
    • Incorrect Installation of underground or above ground pipework
    • Wrong drainage design system
    • Collapsed sewer system
    • Tree root intrusion into pipes

    However, on occasion, foreign objects are unknowingly flushed down toilets. This causes a sudden blockage that plungers won’t remove. Professionals in the possession of a high-pressure jet are then needed in order to flush out the object from your plumbing system. If you feel like this has happened to you, please contact our team immediately as we have the equipment and training to get your toilet up and running safely.

    Of course, you may also change the kind of toilet paper that you are using. Some are more toilet-friendly than others, and some of them have the potential to stick in your plumbing, allowing debris and waste to collect, causing a clogged situation as well.

    When toilets are blocked, it’s always best to identify the cause of this blockage. After that, everything gets a lot easier.

    How to unblock a toilet without a plunger in emergencies

    This is almost impossible, Many plumbers have mentioned using baking soda to unblock a toilet. From our experience, this does not work. A handy object I found that can be used as a replacement for a plunger was a 1.25L-2.5L drink bottle (Subject to the size of your toilet base). This is usually found in every household and can be used to unclog your toilet if you are left with no other choice and cannot afford the expenses of calling a plumber. I suggest trying this method if all else fails. The vacuum created by the bottle squeezing into the pipe may force the object down and out the pipe and the steps are listed below.

    1. Grab the empty drink bottle, matching the area size of the bottom of the toilet
    2. Angle the bottom of the drink bottle towards the bottom of the toilet
    3. Push and exert the water down carefully and slowly.
    4. This will push and unblock the object present in your toilet line
    5. If this does not unblock the toilet, then it’s best to call an expert.

    This example procedure is only for customers that don’t have a plunger present.

    Please call us immediately for any blockages! CALL US NOW: 0478 084 538

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