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    Fix Drain Leaks in Sydney

    There are two types of leaks that can occur at your property:

    • Catastrophic Leaks
    • Costly Leaks

    Both of these leaks can drive up water bills massively, although the difference between the two is that Catastrophic leaks can ruin homes/properties. Whereas costly leaks are only minor. No matter what leak is present within your property, it’s best to act on fixing a leak Immediately just because leaks can either cause damage or cause a hazard. That’s why here at Torino’s Plumbing we are going to explain how to spot leaks.

    1. Uncommon Sounds

    The sound of constantly running water signals trouble somewhere in your property. Make sure taps are off and check the toilet. If you still hear trickling in the walls or overhead, that sustained flow through your plumbing’s system could be a result of leaks in the sewer pipes or water pipes.

    Fix Drain Leaks

    2. Damped Floor

    Floors that feel spongy or damp are a sign of either plumbing leaks or waterproofing leaks. Your plumbing network snakes through the house with a system of linked sewer & water pipelines. As seeping water pools around these connections, it damages and discolours inside flooring.

    3. Unpleasant Odors

    Unpleasant odours behind walls are often caused by mould and mildew thriving in moist spots. Leaky sewer lines create an ideal environment for bacterial growth around indoor drains. You might also notice the smell outside where faulty pipes are being discharged to the backyard.

    4. Cracks in Your Home

    Cracks in your home’s foundation can result from shifting ground caused by dripping sewer lines. As water pools and builds up in areas around leaks, it saturates soil and undermines your foundation’s structural integrity. Sewer leaks also damage concrete sidewalks, driveways and patios.

    5. Landscape Growth

    Unordinary landscape growth is often accompanied by sunken, wet patches that signal sewer pipe failure. Leaks cause the grass to suddenly appear lush in unusual areas, but unhealthy bacteria in underground wastewater eventually damages lawns and gardens.

    6. Rats Problem

    Rats are attracted to the odours of leaking sewer lines and their great sense of smell puts them on the scene before you detect a problem. While you don’t want rats in the backyard, their sudden presence is often an indicator that your sewer pipes are leaking.

    7. Higher Water Bill

    Unexpected increases in the water bill are obvious signs that you’re paying for a leak. Costs fluctuate with seasonal use, but small drips quickly add up and inflate monthly utility bills. To check usage, turn off all water sources, and monitor the meter’s reading which is normally located at the front of your property.

    If any of these problems persist, it is advised to call our team as soon as possible.

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