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Has your backflow prevention devices been serviced recently?

Any water connections to the authority (Sydney Water) must be protected via a backflow prevention device. All buildings (Whether they are classified as commercial, industrial or residential) must have a backflow prevention device installed at the boundaries of the property to protect and prevent contaminated water from entering the public water supply through backflow (Back Pressure). Backflow occurs when there is an unexpected pressure drop in a water supply. For example, If a pipe were to burst, the pressure contained in the pipe will fluctuate which can cause back siphoning or backpressure. The contaminated water can then enter the authorities’ mains water supply and lead to major problems that you may be liable for.

A backflow prevention device is installed to prevent this from happening by stopping any water attempting to flow into the authorities’ line. These devices come in many different types and sizes depending on the situation and level of protection required. Some of the backflow prevention devices available in Australia are:

Backflow Prevention & Testing
  • Air Gap (AG – The purest form of backflow prevention)
  • Atmospheric vacuum breaker (AVB)
  • Check valve (Usually not a legally approved method of backflow prevention.)
  • Chemigation valve (Primarily used in agriculture)
  • Double check valve assembly (DCVA)
  • Dual check valve (Nota testable device and mainly used by residential customers)
  • Pressure vacuum breaker assembly (PVB)
  • Reduced pressure zone device (RPZ)
  • Spill resistant pressure vacuum breaker assembly (SPVB)
  • Vacuum breaker

Sydney Water regulations require that backflow prevention devices be upon installation and annually thereafter. Due to the serious consequences that the backflow of water into Sydney’s water supply can cause, it is extremely important that backflow prevention devices are installed and tested yearly by certified professionals.

Premises That May Require Backflow Prevention Devices

Because it is legally required by the state of New South Wales, Backflow devices can be found on almost any premise. Premises that often require the installation of backflow prevention devices include:

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Shopping centres and high-rise buildings.
  • Mechanic workshops
  • Car washes
  • Swimming pools
  • Laundries & dry cleaners
  • Golf courses or sporting ovals
  • Caravan parks
  • Manufacturing premises
  • Medical facilities such as hospitals & veterinary clinics
  • Chemical plants
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Residential Fixtures – (Bidets, Hot Water Heaters, etc)

Common Causes

The backflow of water at an unprotected cross connection can occur in two ways: back pressure backflow and back siphonage backflow. Back pressure is the result of the pressure downstream increasing above the system pressure, causing a reversal in the flow of water. Conversely, back siphonage occurs in scenarios where there is a drop in pressure at the supply source, resulting in the same reversal of flow. An example of this is when the authority decides to shut off the water main due to a problem such as a break in the water main. As the pressure is now higher in the premises leading off from the main, their potentially polluted water is siphoned back into the public water supply. Backflow contamination due to backpressure and back siphonage can result from any number of causes, including:

  • Hand held toilet sprayers
  • Bidets
  • Bathtubs & showers, where there is an extension on the water outlet that can be submerged
  • Kitchen sinks that have a retractable spout handle that can sit in a full sink of water.
  • Car wash bays
  • Irrigation systems
  • Garden taps
  • A house that can reach into a grease trap.
  • Chemical plants
  • Garbage areas where a hose is used to wash out bins
  • Swimming pool areas where a hose can reach the pool

Backflow prevention devices should never be something to negotiate about, it should be installed without hesitation. Failing to do so can harm your families or friends’ lives.

Torino’s Plumbing Solutions are fully licensed and accredited backflow prevention device testers. We work 24/7 across Sydney to install, service and test backflow devices for hospitals, homes and other commercial, industrial and residential clients every day. If you require backflow device installation or if it’s time for your annual backflow device testing, contact Torino’s Plumbing Solutions so you can be confident that it will be done by certified experts.

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