Grease Trap Installation

Grease Trap Installation Services in Sydney

Our team of professional plumbers are experts in grease trap installations of all sizes. We also maintain, service and upgrade grease traps up to requirements outlined in the current Australian Standards

Grease Traps for Restaurants and Cafes – We Service Sydney Wide!

Torino’s Plumbing Solutions specialise in trade waste, grease trap and arrestor services across the Sydney area. Due to the importance of trade waste-related issues, it’s handling should be overseen by a professional. We have 20 years of experience in the industry and have earned great respect in dealing with grease traps. Our achievements include repairs, maintenance and installations of grease arrestors and traps. As we are accredited to work on trade waste systems, our trade waste and grease trap systems are fully compliant and always meet all OH&S requirements.

Grease Trap Installation

If you own or manage a factory, cafe, restaurant or workshop in Sydney, you are probably aware of how often fat, oil and grease is washed down the drain. If your commercial property does not have an adequate grease trap installed or a grease abatement device, serious blockages can occur and affect your business’ dealings. Examples of common trade waste problems are:

  • Pipes blocked up because of fat, oil & grease hardening
  • Pipes damaged from the formation of grease and oil on the side of the walls.

As a safety compliance regulation, the local state authority in charge of the food industry mandates that all food service establishments must have a grease trap installed.

Why the Need for Grease Traps?

If you own a restaurant, factory or business that produces with oil, grease and fat products we’ve listed out below why the use of traps is necessary:

Compliance with grease regulations: Specific industries, such as the restaurant industry must comply with local, state and federal grease regulations. In Sydney, all food establishments must have a grease trap installed.

Plumbing maintenance: Grease, fat and oil causes damages to drains and pipes. Over time, they build upon the sidewalls of the pipes causing blockages and damaging the pipes, leading to a costly repair.

Environmental protection: Polluted water can leak out and contaminate our rivers & beaches without a properly functioning grease trap.

Things to take into account

  • When installing a grease trap, you will need a grease trap to meet your maximum hourly flow rate.
  • Your grease trap should be installed as close as possible to your plumbing fixtures.
  • Install your grease trap at a height so that it grades & falls back into your sewer.
  • Be sure your grease trap is regularly serviced & cleaned
  • Make sure to allow space around the perimeter of the grease trap, so future maintenance is performed at ease. The last thing you want is to be cramped in tight spots.
  • Be sure that all pipework is installed with HDPE piping where required.

Torino’s Plumbing Solutions install, repair and upgrade grease traps. Contact us today to schedule your grease trap installation, repair, upgrade or cleaning. Our technicians are fully accredited & experienced in all aspects surrounding the involvement of grease traps. Our professionals will get the job done at the highest possible standard and efficiency. Call us today!

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