Gas Leak Detection

Gas Leak Detection Services in Sydney

LPG has become one of the most popular sources of energy for commercial and residential clients. However, it can be hazardous and lead to deadly results if the correct precautions are not taken in its use. Gas leak detection has to be performed in order to identify leaks and take the necessary actions to eliminate those leaks so that a disaster is prevented. Torino Plumbing Solutions provides gas leak detection as a service and is more than willing to help you so that you’re confident that your plumbing is free of any leaks.

Safety Precautions if You Suspect an LPG Leak

Gas leaks occur unexpectedly. If you feel there is a gas leak on your property, immediately open all doors and windows and turn off all the mains, the electricity to the house and unplug the phone line. Do not use anything that creates open flames (such as lighters) on the premise as this may cause an explosion. Inform all people on the property of the situation and evacuate everyone from the premise in a calm manner immediately. Contact the company that handles your plumbing and inquire about a gas leak detection immediately.

Gas Leak Detection

How a To Find a Gas Leak

Gas is odourless so gas providing companies put in a “rotten egg” smell so that leaks are identifiable. If you smell a strong odour, you may have a gas leak on your premise, however, the smell can be easily confused as something else so make take the time to double-check. Another way is by using the soap detection method. Use a soapy solution and apply it around the joints to the LPG pipes, if any bubbling appears this will confirm a leak.
Plumbers also possess specialised equipment that can detect leaks if the prior methods provide no results. The process is a complex one and because of that, it is recommended that no matter what the outcome of the search, a professional should be inquired upon.

With our knowledge and team of certified plumbers, Torino Plumbing Solutions are confident that we are those professionals. Contact Torino Plumbing Solutions today!

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