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    Gas Hot Water Systems in Sydney

    A gas hot water system takes a little bit more knowledge and experience to install than its counterparts. Luckily you have Torino Plumbing Solutions by your side and helping you along the way! With a simple twist of a specific fixture, the hot water temperature of a gas hot water system can be adjusted endlessly. There are many reasons why customers are choosing gas hot water systems to deliver their water to their home and we’ve listed them below.

    Faster Heating Capabilities

    Gas hot water systems usually heat water faster than their electric counterparts. For example, if an electrical system can heat up 30 litres of water in an hour, it’s not uncommon at all for the gas system to heat the same amount in 30 minutes. For large families who use their hot water frequently, we’ve seen this fact alone sway their decision towards a gas hot water system installed at their household.

    Gas Hot Water Systems
    Gas Hot Water Systems in Sydney

    Lower Energy Costs

    Electrical heaters are definitely more energy efficient due to the gas systems inherent nature to suffer energy loss through the heat that comes off its tank and exhaust. However, the cost of electricity is almost always significantly higher than the cost of gas, which may balance things out depending on where you’re located. It may even mean that a gas system is more cost-effective in your area if the costs of electricity in comparison to gas is high enough.

    Hot Water When you Need

    Depending on the model of your gas hot water system, the unit can provide hot water on-demand when you need it. No more worrying about being the last to have a bathroom in a big family and having to suffer through a cold shower.

    Some of the drawbacks

    • Can be More Expensive Upfront
    • Gas hot water systems are usually more expensive than its upfront costs than it’s the electrical counterpart. You’ll have to plan your budget according to see if it’s worth the cost.
    • Potentially Shorter Lifespan
    • Gas water heaters usually have a shorter lifespan than electric systems. An average gas heater lasts about 13 years with average use in compared to an electric units’ 14 years of long term use.
    • Much More Complex Installation Process
    • Gas water heaters are much more complex in it’s not only it’s installation, but the parts and systems needed to get it functioning properly. You’ll have to spend a bit more time and money that you wouldn’t otherwise have to in an electric system installation to get the system up and running immediately. Torino Plumbing Solutions’ team of professional plumbers is more than willing to help you tackle the complexities of the gas hot water system together if you feel you this is the unit for your needs. Feel free to contact us today!

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