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    Instantaneous Hot Water System in Sydney

    The instantaneous hot water system can use gas or electricity to deliver hot water to your household, well, instantaneously! Its tankless design warms the water as it passes through a serpentine heat exchanger, providing a virtually endless supply of hot water. Below, we’ve listed the advantages that are swaying clients to use instantaneous hot water systems over other hot water delivery methods. If you end up being one that many swayed, Torino Plumbing Solutions is more than experienced in its installation and repairs, so why not give us a call?
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    Why Choose an Instantaneous Hot Water System?

    Does Not Occupy Much Space

    The instantaneous hot water system ultimately saves space. Because of its tankless design, the unit is wall-mounted and off the floor. The unit itself is quite small (The size of a small suitcase) and a perfect solution to space issues smaller properties might have.

    Instantaneous Hot Water System
    Instantaneous Hot Water System

    No Maintenance and Long Life Span

    Traditional hot water tanks last a life span of around 10 to 12 years. An instantaneous hot water system lasts up to 20 years. Definitely a consideration for any household planning for the long term. Maintenance is also a non-issue, eliminating the stress of organising routine checkups on the unit to make sure it continues to function properly.

    Choice of Gas or Electricity Leads to Fewer Bills

    Like with the electrical hot water system, the energy lost through heat escaping a traditional hot water tank makes the instantaneous hot water system much more energy-efficient and cuts costs on your energy bill. It also provides you with options, as it can be powered by both electricity or gas. Depending on where you live and, you could make a decision based on gas and electricity prices in your area to find the most cost-effective way of delivering hot water to your home, further cutting down on your bills.

    Reduce Your CO2 Emissions

    Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced through the use of 6 or 7-star instantaneous hot water systems. An instantaneous hot water heater comes in LPG gas or natural gas models. Instantaneous gas hot water systems units produce about a third of the greenhouse gas emissions of electric hot water tank systems. Perfect for those who are concerned about the environment.

    If the benefits of the instantaneous hot water system have convinced you that its an installation at your household is necessary or you have issues with your current model, contact Torino Plumbings Solutions today and our experienced plumbers will take care of the rest.

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