Tap Repairs

Tap Repairs in Sydney

Our team of certified plumbers are well equipped to handle any issues related to your tap. We’re confident in our ability to deal with problems both big and small. Whether you need assistance with a big kitchen renovation or something smaller like a leaking tap, we’re prepared to help you immediately!

Common Tap Issues

Issues with your tap can not only be a major annoyance, but also a massive bill depending on the problem you have. A leaking tap could drive up your water bill, while a burst Flexi hose can cause up to 1500 litres of water an hour to flood into your home. The common tap related issues that our Sydney clients normally fall victim to are:

Noisy taps

Most likely to occur in iron or copper pipes as the sound is amplified through metal. Often caused by a fault in the design of the plumbing, a badly fitted washer or a washer seat that needs cleaning

Tap repairs in Sydney

Broken Flexi hose

Flexi hoses don’t last forever. Generally, they burst after a decade of use and sometimes even earlier. Caused when the inner lining broke, forcing the rubber inside to expand.

Leaky tap

By far the most common issue and can be caused by a multitude of reasons such as an incorrectly installed or damaged washer.

Why do You Need to Repair a Tap?

Water leakage from a tap or burst Flexi hose can drive up your water bill. The water leaked onto the premise could also damage your property and attract mould, insects and bacteria. A noisy tap can also be a major annoyance to your peace, especially when you want to sleep. It’s best to call a trusted plumber like the ones from Torino Plumbing Solutions in order to avoid these problems.

How Can Torino Plumbing Solutions Help?

Torino Plumbing Solutions are well respected in the Sydney area for toilet repairs. Our certified plumbers have years of experience dealing with toilet related issues and rectifying them quickly. Contact Torino Plumbing today so you don’t have to worry about that tap any longer!

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